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To join the Professional Counselling Association of ACT and NSW Inc, you must be a qualified counsellor and registered with the ACA (Australian Counselling Association). You will be required to submit proof of your current ACA membership (ie valid and current membership certificate or a payment receipt for ACA membership fees). 

Full Membership Counsellors must supply a copy of current professional indemnity and public liability insurance to be listed on the PCA website.

Full Membership - Non Listed still provides all the benefits of membership with the PCA but you will not be listed on the website.

Student Membership 

In order to be accepted as a Student member to the PCA you must provide evidence to us that you are a Student with the ACA. 

If you are registered with the ACA as anything else but a student such as Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 and are studying to further your qualifications in counselling then you are still considered a Counsellor at the Level the ACA has granted you and therefore must pay the PCA $125.00 to join. 

Please have a look at the ACA link below that shows very clear distinctions in categories and that anyone can be called a student if they are furthering their education but a student membership means you are not qualified yet at any level and then to join the PCA it is free.

ACA is our governing body and determines your status not us.

Any questions please contact Communications Mgr for further clarification.  

Associate Members are volunteers who are working on PCA projects but are not eligible for full or student membership. Associate members have no voting rights. 

Click here for a list of the benefits of membership in the PCA.

What is prorated?  
Please note: The PCA have no control over this function it is a system function.
This only occurs between the months of January to June, basically the website counts the months left in the membership year (6) then subtracts the evenly divided membership fees and counts them down by month. PCA membership year is the same year as the Financial year 1st July to 30th June each year.

Membership fees = $100 (12 months)
January fees = $50    (half of the full year)
Then the system divides $50 by 6 remaining months = $8.33
February fees = $41.67 ($50 - $8.33)
March fees = $33.34  ($41.67 - $8.33)

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