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Meet the Board Members

Grahame Smith - PCA President

Newcastle Branch Convenor & Clinical Supervisor


Qualifications Details :Humanities-

BA Soc Sc (Counselling) (Human Resource Development) from Southern Cross University (S.C.U), Dip.Prof.Couns (Workplace) (Relationships) from Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (A.I.P.C), Dip.Career.Guid from Australian College of Career Guidance (A.C.C.G), Clinical Supervision Training....A.I.P.C, Cert IV 's in Training and Assessment.


Relationship Issues, Clinical Supervision, Stress Management, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Grief and Loss, Group Work and Training, Behavioural Difficulties, Spiritual and Personal Issues.

Experience: Grahame Smith has 24yrs of counselling experience in the community, the workplace and churches including individual and group based counselling. He spent 15 yrs working for the University of Western Sydney and in the community, training and equipping people to live better lives. He has also worked in Government for 29 yrs as a manager and grievance counsellor. As an A.C.A Recognised Professional Counsellor (Level 4 member) and as a trained and Registered Counselling Supervisor (with A.C.A College of Supervisors), he provides clinical supervision services to professional counsellors from a range of backgrounds. Grahame is also a registered Counsellor with Work Cover N.S.W as an accredited provider of Counselling Services to injured workers. He is also providing Clinical Supervision Services to mental health staff working for the Department of Corrective Services N.S.W and provides counselling services to Carers Australia helping people who care for disabled friends and family. Grahame is currently the Convener of PCA Newcastle Branch and also provides Group Supervision at Newcastle branch meetings.

Membership and Registration: A.I.P.C, Prof M.C.D.A.A, M.P.C.A (ACT/N.S.W), A.C.A (Level 4) and Registered Level 3 Counselling Supervisor with A.C.A College of Supervisors.

David Nielsen - PCA Acting Vice President

ACT Branch Secretary 

Qualifications Details: Bachelors Degree Family Therapy (Hawaii USA), Advanced Diploma Counselling a Family Therapy (AIFC),

MBTI Accredited ,Prepare/Enrich Accredited Presenter,Cert IV in Work Place Training and Assessment.

Specialisation: Relationship and individual counselling, he has been effective in providing counselling that addresses a wide range of issues that includes, trauma and abuse, domestic violence, recovery from affairs, sexual identity, addiction, depression/anxiety, post abortion issues, pre marriage advice, gender issues, recovery from abusive churches, self-esteem, adult ADD, grief and sexual therapy.

Experience:  David has spent 25 years in training, management and counselling in private industry, but mostly in the NFP sector.  He has a special interest in the family and relationships. David has been a trainer and lecturer in a large national counselling organisation.  He has been a popular international speaker on issues related to family, marriage and sexuality. He has also managed a not-for-profit counselling centre and has supervised a wide variety of people, including counsellors and administrators. He has also had experience in a large NFP where most of the workers were volunteers, and where people skills were even more critical. David has written papers on family dysfunction, sexual addiction, pornography and post abortion issues.  David has a special interest in Eastern Europe where he has run seminars and provided training for non government organisations.   

Membership and Registration: Level 4 Member of the Australian Counselling Association and a full member of PCA ACT/NSW.

Lorraine Dailey - PCA Secretary 

Sydney Branch Convenor & Clinical Supervisor


Qualifications: B.S.Sc. (Criminology)(Politics and Public Policy); Post grad. Dip. Psychology; Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution. Dip. Professional Counselling with advanced study majors in Suvivors of Abuse; Relationship, Parenting and Child Development; Grief and Loss; Cert. IV Workplace Assessment and Training; Clinical Supervision training; Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives (U.K.) Member of the ACA College of Supervisors.

ACA level 4 member and an ACA  accredited Clinical Supervisor and Trainer / Assessor for the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling. I enjoy assisting other professionals to reach their full potential by way of training and Clinical Supervision.

Have an eclectic approach with individuals and families, with a solution focused approach using strategies from CBT, gestalt, person centered, NLP, hypnotherapy and narrative modalities.  Presently working with St. Vincent de Paul Society as well as private practice and clinical supervision.

My passion is to have first class professional development and supervision for counsellors in NSW.  I hope to see branches of the PCA throughout regional New South Wales to enable all counsellors to have access to low cost professional development and Supervision near to their homes and practices.

Sune Nielsen - PCA Treasurer

Sydney Branch Representative

Advanced Diploma Theology (GER); Advanced Diploma Counselling (GER); Cert IV Youth Work; Cert. IV Workplace Assessment and Training; BA Behavioural Studies (Psychology Major) - (Currently studying)  

ACA level 1 member  

Using an eclectic approach to work with adolescents and adults in both individual, couples and family context. Drawing from a range of modalities, such as solution focused therapy, CBT, person centered and narrative modalities.  My aim is to keep an Holistic  view on the therapyprocess.  Further I work in adult education in the field of self development and professional development and with a sensory-motor therapy program for children and adolescents.Presently working in private practice and for Sydney Rudolf Steiner College.  

 Brenda Searle - PCA Policy and Procedures

ACT Branch Convenor Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Supervisor (Level 3)   

Qualifications: Grad Dip Counselling, Adv Dip Counselling, Adv Clinical Hypnotherapy (PSH), Adv Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cert Professional Supervision (level 3), Cert IV Assessment & Work Place Training, Range of other relevant certificates. 

Specialisation:  Professional Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Supervisor.  

Experience:  Brenda has operated a successful Private Practice for over 20 years utilising the modalities of Professional Counselling and Hypnotherapy. Although Brenda specialises in Anxiety and Depression, her experience and expertise enables her to work with a wide range of other client issues such as Self Esteem, Insomnia, Anger, Stress, Grief, Motivation as well as Smoking, Weight, Chronic Pain and Addiction. Her passion lies in helping people to move forward in their lives.  “I am passionate about ‘human beings’ and helping them by offering an individual approach that provides the understanding, tools and skills necessary so that they can successfully move forward in their lives...every client is ‘themselves’ and this requires consideration...” Recognised as a Specialist Supervisor Brenda is passionate about assisting others in the field and demonstrates this through her commitment to Clinical Supervision.  Brenda volunteers her time on a regular basis conducting Group Supervision as well as well as working with private supervisees. “As a clinical supervisor I have the privilege of helping colleagues to be the best that they can be in their practice, to develop as therapists and to manage themselves in their relationship with the client. The primary goal is client welfare.” 

Registrations: ACA (Level 4), ACA College of Supervisors -Specialist Supervisor (level 3), Registered Professional Member ASCH (state representative and registered Supervisor),   Member and Board Member of the PCA ACT/NSW.  All memberships are at the highest achievable levels and are maintained through regular professional and personal development and clinical supervision.   

Linda Elsey - PCA Admin / Membership and Website Manager

Central Coast / Gosford Branch Convenor & Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Counsellor / Hypnotherapist / Supervisor / Reiki Master  

Qualification Details: Master in Counselling, Voc.Grad.Dip.Couns, Dip.Prof.Couns. Dip.Clin,Hyp, Advance Major’s Counselling (Grief and Loss, Career, Relationship and Conflict Resolution, Abuse, Workplace, Child Development and Effective Parenting), Cert in Mental Health Social Support, Reiki Master/Practitioner/Teacher, Medical Intuitive.  

Memberships and Registration: QMACA, MAPIC, PCA NSW/ACT, ACA College of Supervisors and Clinical Counsellors and AHA. Linda spent over 20 years working in and around Information Technology. She was an IT Manager and a qualified registered Project Manager. Throughout her career in the corporate world she met many people who were troubled in some way. She began to realise that people were coming to her for advice, feeling stressed and desperate about their job or some other aspect of their life. The advice and encouragement she gave to those people was greatly appreciated, and many said "You should be a counsellor." She took their advice leaving her successful career behind her and embarking on a new vocation which ignited a passion inside her for helping and healing others as a counsellor and hypnotherapist. Linda has her own private practice on the Central Coast, where she uses a variety of modalities including energy work to help clients break through issues that prevent them from reaching their full potential. She also uses Sound Therapy and Reiki.  

Vicky Kapatos - PCA Communications Manager

Newcastle Branch Secretary


Vicky Kapatos is a trained teacher with the Department of Education NSW (BA Dip Ed) and also a trained Counsellor and Psychotherapist (Advanced Diploma of Psychotherapy). She was also an accredited Crisis Telephone Counsellor with a well known organisation. She is a Professional member of the ACA and PCA (ACT-NSW).

Vicky has had a varied and extensive career primarily in the corporate world. Due to her own inner journey and experience she had a call to study counselling and psychotherapy in order to help heal others in their plight for meaning and purpose in their life, and in doing so help heal herself. Vicky uses primarily client centred therapy, gestalt, holistic counselling, combined with CBT techniques to help the client become more self - empowered and to challenge themselves by inner reflection. She passionately believes that each person has in them the innate drive for self - realisation and the ability to integrate, transform and achieve their dreams. Vicky is qualified and experienced in the following modalities:- 

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Meditation, Visualisation, Stress Management,Holistic Healing,Bach Flower Therapy, Workshops on Depression/Anxiety. Vicky has also been trained by the Transcendental School of Stress Management in Sydney. She is passionate about this profession and attends Professional Development courses and reads a wide array of literature written by colleagues and experts in Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling - Gracegrove College - Newcastle, Graduate Diploma in Primary Education - University of Sydney, Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences - University of Sydney, Advanced Diploma in Esoteric Sciences - Gracegrove College - Newcastle, First Aid Certificate and CPR

Fiona Curll - PCA Board Member

Illawarra Branch Convenor & Clinical Supervisor

Professional Counsellor / Supervisor / Reiki & Seichim Master

Qualification Details:, Dip.Prof.Couns, Grad.Dip.Couns (Family Therapy & Loss & Grief), Clinical Supervisor, Advance Major’s Counselling (Child Development and Effective Parenting, Relationship and Conflict Resolution, Abuse Counselling), DRUMBEAT Facilitator, Rhythm2Recovery Facilitator and Reiki & Seichim Master.

Memberships and Registration: MACA, PCA NSW/ACT, ACA College of Supervisors.

Fiona spent over 10 years working in the Legal Profession as a Secretary and Personal Assistant primarily in Family Law whilst she studied to become a Counsellor with a vision of assisting couples with Relationship Counselling before they end up in Court. Together with a focus on assisting youth with self expression and conflict resolution her vision is to assist families to increase harmonious relationships.

Fiona has her own private practice in the Ilawarra practising as a Counsellor since 2009 with an eclectic approach using Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Fiona specialises in Family Therapy, Grief and Loss, Relationships, Conflict, Personal Growth, Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Stress, Anger Coping Skills and more.

Fiona's passion is using rhythm as a therapeutic intervention. Utilising DRUMBEAT and Rhythm2Recovery models Fiona assists children in schools, carers and families to explore concerns through the use of rhythm as an intervention tool as opposed to traditional talk based methods.

Fiona also facilitates regular workshops at Health Centres in the Ilawarra and South Coast covering topics such as Stress Management, Anger Coping Skills, Communication skills, Conflict Resolution, Understanding and Dealing with Difficult people, Motivational Workshops, Time Management and Life Transition.


 Hun Kim - PCA Board Member

Sydney-Korean Convenor


Rev Dr. HUN KIM (김 훈)

6명의 자녀와 아내 서미진 I have 6 children and wife Mijin SEO. 아내와 함께 상담사역과 호주기독교 대학을 이끌어가고 있습니다. I and my wife have been Counselling Ministry and have build Australian College of Christianity


관계 문제(가정, 부부관계) Relationship Issues (Family, Couple), 전문 수퍼 비젼Clinical Supervision, 스트레스 관리 Stress Management, 중재 Mediation and Conflict Resolution, 코칭 Coaching, 집단상담 및 교육Group Work and Training, 기질분석 MBTI, Qualifications Details : Counselling & Theology 기독교 상담학 박사 (Doctor of Christian Counselling at Canada Christian College) 목회상담학 박사 (Doctor of Pastoral Counselling at America Evangelical University) 고려대학교 국제경영 석사 (MBA of International Business at Korea University) 총신대학교 신학대학원 졸업 (MdiV at Chongshin Theological Seminary) 고려대학교 신문방송학과 졸업 (BA of Mass Communication at Korea University) 총신대학교 신학과 졸업(BA of Theology at Chongshin University)

Current Works

호주기독교대학학장 (Australian College of Christianity CEO) 호주기독교대학 부설상담소 대표 (Australian College of Christianity Counselling Clinic CEO) 전문상담혐회보드멤버 (Board Member of Professional Counselling Association) 전문상담협회 시드니 한인 인도자 (Convener of PCA Sydney- Korean) 한국인 생명의 전화 원장 (Director of Korean Life Line) ACA Registered Supervisor (ACA등록 수퍼바이저), ACA Member Level 3 (ACA정회원)


예림서원 기독교 출판사 대표- Christian Publishing Company CEO 전) 호주열방대학 한국어 성경연구학교장 & 설립자 (Founder and Director of Korean School of Biblical Studies Diploma In Australia I of N) 호주가정상담대학 온라인 한국어 과정 설립자와 대표 (Founder and CEO of Australian Institute of Family Counselling Korean Distance Education Program)

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